Isn't too cold for snakes in Alabama?

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What is the deal with these slithering things?

A friend of mine travels the state of Alabama for his job, and he documents every snake encounter he has...the really disturbing thing is that he has so many encounters.

He goes from Tuscaloosa to Mobile to Dothan to Birmingham and starts all over again.

You will not believe the things he has seen during his Alabama travels.

I'm just talking about the snakes here!

He now calls them..."Another damn snake in a..."

He's found them in every place you can imagine.

Including, but not limited to....


Have you ever been in a hurry and pulled in to a gas station (or petrol if u are reading this in Great Britain) and not really been paying attention to the pumps?


Photo: Facebook/Ampervadasz
Photo: Facebook/Ampervadasz

Take a look again...

Photo: Facebook/Ampervadasz
Photo: Facebook/Ampervadasz

Yeah, no. I can walk to where I'm going.


Like I said, my friend has found these snakes any and everywhere across Alabama during his travels.

Look below.

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Photo credit: Facebook

Yeah, it's literally in the gas pump.

I did not need to add to this to my memory bank of snake horror insanity.

Again, isn't it too dang cold for snakes anymore? Or at least, for a few months?

Year round nightmare I suppose.

Enjoy your day. Hey, it looks like you are almost on E!

Better fill 'er up right now!

Sorry, I had to do this...if I have to know, you have to know.

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