There is a lot of discussion about who is the “best” college football coach in the game today. One name that obviously comes to mind in that conversation is Alabama head coach Nick Saban. However, when Deion Sanders -- or lately as "Coach Prime" -- was asked who the best coach was in an interview with 60 minutes, he didn't mince his words.

“What-- you think I'm gonna sit up here and tell you somebody else? You-- you think-- you think that's the way I operate? That somebody else got that on me?”

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“But I tell you this," Sanders continued.

"I love and I adore and I respect and every time I do a commercial with Coach Saban, it's a gift. Just sitting in his presence and hearing him and-- and throwing something else out there so I can hear his viewpoint on it. Because he's forgotten more things than I may ever accomplish. So I'm a student looking up to this wonderful teacher saying, 'Just-- just-- just throw me a crumb of what you know.'"

Coach Prime has been making headlines since he started his college coaching career - from taking Jackson State to a conference championship and now leading the Colorado Buffaloes to a 3-0 start for the 2023 season. In 2022, the Buffaloes went 1-11.

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