Have you ever heard of this new absurdity called “ GLAMPING?”

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An out-of-state business called Timberline Glamping Company recently announced that they have signed on to bring "glamping," an abbreviation of "glamour camping" to six Alabama State Parks starting this month!

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First off, what is glamping?
According to the Timberline Glamping Company website:
“Glamping is all about the ‘experience.’ It’s about getting back to nature without getting back to basics. At Timberline Glamping, you won’t be sleeping on the floor in a hot tent.”

Glampers arrive at their campsite to a:

A hotel style bed, AC/heat, mini fridge, coffee maker and a charging station for your devices - Just like the Pilgrims had.

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Is this even camping? 
The company, founded in 2018, also offers glamping at multiple locations in Georgia and Florida and will soon be available at six Alabama State Parks
The first opening is at Wind Creek State Park on Lake Martin near Alexander City on April 21.
But, Steve Shannon's told me he ain’t going unless each tent comes equipped with a bidet.

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I ask you this, however:
Is glamping any different from putting up a sheet tent in your living room with your kids and watching movies on a Saturday afternoon?


This will RUIN boys and young men across Alabama!

My mother was married to a series of men when I was growing up, and none of them ever took me glamping!

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Do you think THIS kid woulda "glamped?"
Hell, I’da loved it!! I am NOT real "outdoorsey"-

But, camping with air conditioning!?!?

Discovering the great outdoors by laying in bed binge watching “The Mandalorian” on your phone?!

'The Forge' – Inspired by the Star Wars Series The Mandalorian
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Anyone who takes their family glamping at an Alabama state park should not be surprised when their son comes home one day with a collection of Michael Buble albums and starts ordering a "fuzzy rabbit" at Starbucks.

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