I mean it. I hate them. 

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Let me explain.

I absolutely adore the band that introduced country music to the world in the early 80’s.

But I have seen them SO MANY TIMES IN CONCERT - and they always leave me WANTING MORE! (I HATE that 🙂)

I mean 40 NUMBER 1 HITS!

Countless Top 5’s…

Album cuts…

Alabama 50th Anniversary Tour Opening Weekend - Nashville, TN
Getty Images

According to the interwebs, Alabama has:

Studio albums - 26

Live albums - 6

Compilation albums - 21

Music videos - 31

Singles - 74

Tribute albums - 1

There is NO WAY they can do every hit on every show.

It’s like listening to the "Best of" Steve and DC shows and you miss the bit about DC poopin’ naked.


So disappointing. Leaves you wanting more.

This will be the first tour since the death of co-founding member Jeff Cook.

Alabama The Hits Tour 2018 - Atlanta, Georgia
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But, I am quite sure Randy Owen and Teddy will hold it down.

You ever seen them do “Take Me Down” at night under the stars at an outside show in the summertime???

2009 BamaJam Music And Arts Festival - Day 2
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That’s some good stuff..

But you ain’t gonna come CLOSE to hearing every hit they did. We’d be there all week.

(Which would be FINE by me) 

June Jam is BACK BABY!

June 3rd.

Get your tickets at www.ticketmaster.com

And catch up with Classic Alabama and more Sunday Nights at 7 for “Country Oldies Sunday Night” Brought to you by Townsend Nissan.

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