Eat healthy.

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Are you eating healthy?

We hear this stuff over and over in our daily lives.

Yes, we should all try to eat healthier and live longer. The two are connected, right?

This is Alabama. We fry fried foods. We love butter. Maybe that's just me.

No, it's the SOUTH!

According to the experts, the meal that has been named the MOST UNHEALTHY meal is served in multiple Alabama locations.

When we say unhealthy, we mean unhealthy.

The study analyzed the nutritional value of menu items being served at 50 of the most popular fast-food restaurants in America.

The folks at Pricelisto then ranked these to see which items contained the most calories.

Are you ready to see which meal was ranked #1 for the MOST UNHEALTHY?



  • Hardee's Fried Chicken 12 Piece & 6 Biscuits - 6490 calories


Did you read that right?

The people crunching the data for this survey point out the obvious with fast food restaurants.

They are all serving foods with LOTS of sugar, salt, and fat.

However, we all know this.

None of us are confused and think we are going to the drive-thru at a health food store.

The main thing is the convenience and the price.

What about the rest of the list of the "most unhealthy" meals in the USA?

Most of these meals are available right here in the great state of Alabama!

  • Papa John's Philly Cheesesteak Xxl Stuffed Crust - 4590 calories


  • Moe's Nachos - 4334 calories


  • Little Caesar's Detroit Style Deep Dish Specialty Pizza, 5 Meat Feast - 3500 calories


  • Pizza Hut Loaded Pepperoni Feast Large Cheesy Bites Pizza - 3153 calories


  • Buffalo Wild Wings Nutrition 30 Count Traditional Wings (Drums Only) - 2240 calories


  • Jimmy John's The J.J. Gargantuan - 2160 calories


  • Checkers and Rally’s 20 Piece Classic Wings (Garlic Parmesan) - 2040 calories


  • Culver's 3 Piece Northwoods Walleye Dinner - 1930 calories


  • Shake Shack Double Down Fries - 1910 calories


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