Since the days of the pandemic, we have all become hyperaware of a hospital’s condition for cleanliness and safety. The Hospital Safety Grade’s website recently released the survey results for Fall 2023. Hospitals were graded on a scale from A to F

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How do they grade our hospitals?

Aiming to better the healthcare industry, the Leapfrog Group - which has been at this for more than 20 years - collects, analyzes and publishes hospital data on safety.

“Leapfrog’s bold transparency has promoted high-value care and informed health care decisions and helped trigger giant leaps forward in the safety, quality, and affordability of U.S. health care,” the Hospital Safety Grade site says.


How did our local hospitals do?

The ratings say Northport Medical Center located at 2700 Hospital Drive in Northport received a "C" rating in the survey. DCH Regional Medical Center located next to the campus of the University of Alabama at 809 University Boulevard also received a "C" grade, according to Hospital Safety grade.

Grade F on Paper
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Earlier, we mentioned the grade scale was from "A" to "F", with the latter being failing grade. Fortunately, there were no "F's" grades for any facility local to Tuscaloosa. However, there is one West Alabama hospital that received a "D" grade on the survey.


Medical West Hospital, which is located about 45 miles north of Tuscaloosa at 995 9th Avenue SW in Besemer, received a "D" rating from the hospital safety grade survey. It's currently in the process of being replaced and a new facility is expected to open in 2024.

Female patient sitting on gurney in hospital gown, low section

For more information or to see how other Alabama hospitals ranked the safety grade survey, click here.

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