If you are reading this you might have something valuable hidden in your home.

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Maybe, like me, you have been through a burglary and you know how that feels.

It rocks you when it happens.

You see how they have touched every item you own and every drawer is pulled out in every room.

You feel so violated.

You might think you have a pretty good hiding spot for those items that are important to you and your family.

Just know that those spots may be the first place a burglar checks during their invasion of your home.


Well, according to alabama.gov and the 2023 crime report, 69,089 property crimes occurred according to the last updated numbers.

Around 12,000 were considered burglary/robbery in the recent data.

Only assault and larceny numbers were larger than burglary/robbery.

Surprisingly, many of those burglaries happened during daylight hours.

You assume this is the kind of thing only done in the darkness.


If you feel like you have great hiding spots for your valuables this is for you.

Chris McGoey from McGoey Security and Robert Siciliano from Hotspot Shield shared info with Readers Digest on the spots burglars are most likely to check when invading your home in Alabama.



OK, your bags might seem like a good place, McGoey says criminals know that folks use them as a "safe" when not on the road.

These are NOT safe. The bad guys will open any suitcase they find in your home.



The security experts say an empty vase could look like a safe place for valuables. However, burglars will tip them over or even break them just to check them for goods.



Security expert Chris McGoey says you should think twice before stashing important papers in the drawers. Many times these files are even labeled and that makes it easy to steal your identity.



You have probably seen it on a TV show or a movie. The freezer is a great hiding spot. Chances are criminals have also seen it in the movies. If you use the freezer, at least wrap it in a bag that looks legit. For example, a bag that had frozen fruit in it or fish sticks. It may throw them off.



Burglars always go here first. Often they are trying to find drugs. This is not a good place to hide anything.



If it can be moved, it will be taken by the bad guys. So, if you do not have a safe attached to a wall don't hide valuables in a portable one.



Thieves will be in your bedroom and will look inside the closet. They will be hoping to find cash in their pockets or other valuables. Closets are not a good spot.

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