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We've all heard of these insider "tips" on when to buy certain things to help save money. In some cases, these "tips" can help you get hard-to-find items.


I'll never forget a food tip the late Anthony Bourdain gave me: NEVER eat seafood on Mondays or Tuesdays!

Why? Reputable restaurants always get their fresh seafood and meat shipments on Thursday/Friday in preparation for the weekend dining rush.

You can get really ill from bad seafood/meat.

So, let's dig in to these insider tips that you should know.

Cheapest Day to Buy Groceries:

Whole Foods To Buy Wild Oats Markets For $565 Million
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According to Instacart its Wednesday. Wednesday is when most stores start their weekly specials. News items are on sale & in stock. Retailers mark down perishables on Wednesday evenings. Avoid Saturdays when stores are busiest & more items are out of stock.

Cheapest Day To Go Out To Eat:

The Ritz London Prepares To Welcome Guests On May 17
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Monday is typically the cheapest day to eat out. Since most people eat out on Friday & Saturday, restaurants try & attract customers on Mondays with specials.

Cheapest Day To Buy Gas:

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Monday gas price averages are the lowest in 17 states, and Tuesday is the second cheapest day.Thursday is the most expensive day to purchase gas.

Cheapest Day To Book A Flight:


Experts say Sunday is generally the cheapest day to book a flight…6% on domestic & 13% on international flights.

Cheapest Day To Book A Hotel:

Las Vegas Strip "Business as Usual"
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Skyscanner says booking a hotel is about 2% cheaper on Fridays.

Cheapest Day To See A Movie:


On Tuesdays movie theatre chains usually offer discounts.

Source: Elevate your everyday