YES! I have been waiting for something like this to come out.

I must admit up front that this new list reveals the worst-rated AND the best-rated fast food restaurants in Alabama.

The worst is just more interesting most of the time.

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I realize that fast food is not the healthiest dining option that we can choose.

However, sometimes it is simply the most convenient option available.


Well, thank goodness for this new survey, just released, on the top (and lowest) rated fast food places in Alabama.

The survey examined all of the United States but they also broke it out state-by-state.

Let me make one thing CLEAR.

I do not agree with everything in this survey.

I'm simply the reporter of the information on these places.

Let's start with the BEST:

CashNet USA conducted this survey of fast food restaurants across the USA.

Map of U.S. with top-rated fast food in each state.
From: CashNet USA

As you can see above, Chick-fil-A dominated all over the country.

The home of "my pleasure" was No. 1 in 34 states in this survey.

However, NOT in Alabama! I am shocked by that result.

Almost as shocked as I am to see the top-rated Alabama fast-food joint.

No. 1 in Alabama is Daylight Donuts.

Daylight Donuts has a Tuscaloosa location at 1105 Southview Ln.

I have never been inside (or outside) Daylight Donuts.

I'm going to head over there today after this information.

No photo description available.
Photo: Daylight Donuts Tuscaloosa/Facebook

OK, it looks pretty good to me.

It has over 60 Google reviews with an average score of 4.7 out of 5.

Not bad at all.

I'll report back after trying it in the near future.

On to the WORST or lowest-rated fast food restaurants in Alabama (and across the USA).

From: CashNet USA
From: CashNet USA

I do not agree with this ranking at all.

According to the survey, WingStop was the lowest-rated fast food place in Alabama.

I have had great food at WingStop in the past.

Yes, I do believe you can find better wings in Tuscaloosa (Baumhowers is my fave) but I can't imagine why this would be the bottom of the barrel.

The survey broke it into categories like Burgers:



Chick-fil-A won for best chicken (with WingStop being the worst).

Papa Murphy's won for Best Pizza and Domino's was ranked at the bottom in Alabama.

I'm starving after reading this and it must be dinner time somewhere.

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