There are plenty of places across the globe that have weird names.

Some of these names, people wouldn't even believe they're real places.

Alabama isn't the only state with town names that are outrageous. According to Far and Wide, there are weird town names in plenty of other states like Tennessee, Wyoming, and even Texas.

I'm pretty sure you can find multiple weird town names in every state across the U.S.

Far and Wide has a list of 65 funny town names and the list is downright hilarious.

  • Booger Hole, West Virginia

  • Bugtussle, Kentucky

  • Carefree, Arizona

  • Center of the World, Ohio

  • Correct, Indiana

  • Fifty-Six, Arkansas

Those are just some of the names on their list including an Alabama town by the name of  Bacon Level.

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I recently came across a Youtube video made by This Is Alabama, and it was hilarious.
People had to guess if certain Alabama town names were real or fake.
The real town names were both shocking and silly.
Check out this list of weird Alabama town names to see if you've ever heard of any of them.

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