It feels like one of America's favorite new past time's involves real estate.


Not necessarily buying new property, but dreaming about it.

I know I can't be the only one that opens up Zillow on my phone, tablet or laptop and search through all of the available homes for sale.

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I could spend hours looking at homes that I know I can't afford but still end up saving because "One day when I'm rich, I'm getting this home."

Social media and sites like Zillow are full of amazing properties that are for sale.

The state of Alabama has some pretty beautiful homes available for sale and even on AirBNB.

These day, lots of people are getting into the rental property space to create extra income for their household.

A study recently revealed America's top 10 cities with the highest return on investment with real estate properties.

Chris Heller, co-founder of Agent Advice commented on the findings saying,

“It’s certainly interesting to see which real estate markets are currently showing as strong investments. With this top ten revealing some of the best cities for rental property investment, investors and realtors should keep their eyes on these cities for strong growth”

Out of all the cities involved in the study, an Alabama city came in as the second best city for ROI on investment properties.

That city is Dothan.

According to the results of the study a typical property value of $166,459, this is just 52% of the national average property value.

This makes for a potential down payment payback period for a typical investment property (20% down payment) slightly longer than 21 months, 45% shorter than the national average period.

If you'd like to see more on this study, you can click here. 

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