It amazes me that there are people on this earth who still hurt innocent children.

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The Alabama Department of Public Health reports that child abuse calls have increased between 2015-2017, with the highest call rate in 2017, and most maltreatment calls were made by adults concerned for children under 12 years old, with 16.7 percent of the calls being children under one year old in 2018.

An Alabama couple has recently contributed to the state's child abuse numbers according to Yahoo.

According to Yahoo, 27-year-old Ashleigh Ableman and her boyfriend, 53-year-old Howard Anderson has been arrested after they reportedly burned Ableman’s three children with a blowtorch several times.



It's said that the burns on the children were severe and there was evidence of other signs of abuse.

The Yahoo report says that:

"On Oct. 5, DCSO deputies executed a search warrant at a home in Ariton and arrested Ableman and Anderson. They are both charged with one count of torture/wilful abuse of a child.

Anderson and Ableman are currently held in the Dale County Jail without bond pending a first appearance. The investigation is still ongoing."

Criminal in handcuffs

It's really behind me how people could do this to innocent children. I don't think people realize how a parent's choices can effect children for the rest of their lives.

All three children were under 12 years old and it's no telling the mental scar this situation will leave on those kids. I hope they get the help they need throughout life.

You can read the full report on Yahoo by clicking here. 

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