The University is where legends are made right? Now Bryant Denny Stadium has had its fair share of legendary things and people come in and out of there, but I bet they didn’t see this one coming. 

The stadium has some traditions that happen every single game.

For example, the nights games has always included the light show that the cheerleaders conduct. Or some of the timeless songs that are played every game like “Friends in Low Places."


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Speaking of timeless songs in Bryant Denny, during homecoming weekend, there was a legend in the stands able to hear people scream his song to the rooftop for the very first time, according to Saturday Down South.

Alabama v USC
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Ronnie Roger’s who wrote the infamous song, Dixieland Delight, for the group called Alabama was able to finally hear his song in Bryant Denny. The Tennessee native also heard the chant that Alabama fans have inserted into the song to down other teams like Auburn, LSU, and Tennessee. 

Here on TikTok, you can see Ronnie soaking up the tradition that he has made in Alabama with his song. 

This moment was one for the books! Who do you think will make their way into Bryant Denny during the big LSU game this year?

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