Sometimes I wonder how people outside of the state of Alabama feel about residents here.

Politics is always a polarizing subject, but the personality of those politicians helps people form opinions on them.

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There was a point where I announced I'd moved to Alabama and people could not stop talking to me about Alabama's Governor. It was from people who didn't live in Alabama and shockingly, people who lived here.

They had the most to say about the state's Governor Kay Ivey.

I'd always hear people make comments about "MeeMaw" and had no idea they were talking about Governor Kay Ivey.

TikTok seems to love Alabama's Governor because there are plenty of videos featuring her that have gotten plenty of views. You may even chuckle a little bit after watching some of those videos.


Well, it seems that people will have more to talk about when it comes to Governor Kay Ivey as she's featured on a new Alabama beer can.

Yes, you read that correctly. Governor Kay Ivey's face is featured on a beer can.

Chandlers Ford Brewing announced on Facebook that this new beer has been in the making for 2 years and it's finally ready.

"Come try Meemaw’s Original Recipe y’all," they posted on Facebook with the picture of the beer can that seems to be a play on KFC's Colonel Sanders.



The beer is called "KIV Sweer Tea Sour" and can be found BeeZr in Huntsville.

Would you try this new Kay Ivey beer?


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