In response to the pressing need for accessible childcare facilities in West Alabama, Shelton State Community College, in collaboration with West AlabamaWorks! and other community partners, is proud to announce the commencement of the Community Childcare Cultivator program, affectionately known as 3by3.

Child Daycare Centers Confront Higher Energy And Food Costs
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Scheduled to run from February 27th to March 29th, this 24-hour course offers participants a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to establish licensed, high-quality family or group daycare homes. Through coaching, supportive education, and assistance with the licensing process, the program aims to streamline the pathway to starting an in-home childcare service.

Donny Jones, CWO of the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama and Executive Director of West AlabamaWorks!, emphasizes the program's role in facilitating economic opportunities, stating, "3by3 is a great opportunity to take a love for children and create a viable income for your family making $40,000 to $70,000 a year."

Recognizing the importance of proximity to childcare facilities for workers in the manufacturing and logistics sectors, 3by3 aims to alleviate this barrier by offering childcare services within the employees' communities.

Holly Glasgow, Director of Child Development at Shelton State Community College, highlights the program's potential to empower individuals and address workforce challenges: "We believe that Community Childcare Cultivator: Connecting Commerce to Care (3by3) can foster a generation of cycle breakers who can change the face of Alabama’s workforce and overcome the barrier of childcare scarcity."


Interested individuals are encouraged to attend a no-cost orientation on February 20th at the Synergic Center in Northport, AL. Preregistration is available online at

The 3by3 program represents a collaborative effort to address childcare shortages while simultaneously empowering individuals to create sustainable businesses and meet the needs of their communities.

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