There's nothing like seeing pictures of memorable places from years ago. So much has changed in West Alabama just within the last 6 years. Have you ever wondered what's changed in the last 20-plus years?

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If you remember Leland Lanes and Home Town Discount Foods, you'll love these throwback pictures of Alberta City.

Recently, I came across a post from a  former Tuscaloosa resident by the name of Tony French. Tony moved out of Tuscaloosa 20 years ago.

French made a post with the caption "Alberta City Photo Essay, 1999" and featured several photos of Alberta City from 1999.

Do you remember what Alberta City looked like back in 1999?

Tony French said he snapped the pictures more than 20 years ago because of one particular sign. He was afraid people would complain and have the sign taken down.

The "Alberta City Photo Essay 1999" has blown up on social media and garnered hundreds of comments and shares.

French says this whole situation reminded him of the power of nostalgia."I'm glad to share these images and that people can appreciate them, beyond what I could have expected. Also thanks to Lib Davis who encouraged me to share the pictures with the wider Alberta City community."

Take a walk down memory lane with these pictures of Alberta City from 1999.

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