The Tuscaloosa Police Department descended on a local apartment complex Wednesday night and ultimately breached into an occupied but empty unit there in response to a staged call threatening a double murder-suicide.

Stephanie Taylor, a spokesperson for the Tuscaloosa Police Department, said dispatchers received a call from someone who said his name was Gary and claimed he was about to kill his wife, his child and himself in their apartment at Aspen Village off Skyland Boulevard.

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Taylor said the phone call lasted six minutes and included audible gunshots. Shortly after 9 p.m., TPD sent every available officer to the unit within Aspen Village where "Gary" claimed to be.

Police rushed to the scene believing there could be an active shooter there, set up a perimeter and forced entry into the apartment. Taylor said they found that although it was an occupied unit where someone lived, no one was home at the time police breached inside.

Taylor said after reviewing the call that drew them there, TPD determined it was staged. No one was injured or harmed during this incident, she said.

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