The Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Central and South Alabama is warning contractors of scammers misusing the website of a former local business after several complaints of undelivered commercial equipment.

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A representative from the BBB told Thread staff recently that it believes "a group of scammers" has been imitating the former Alabama Truck and Equipment business, once at 4400 Joe Mallisham Pkwy in Tuscaloosa.

Signage for the business opened in 2010 is still visible to passersby and the alleged scammers have reportedly started a phony website with the Alabama Truck and Equipment name.

The site features equipment for sale and a local phone number; however, the BBB says those posing as the former business are collecting deposits there electronically and refusing to deliver any equipment. The equipment featured on the website and, at one point, seemingly photographed on the property, no longer remains.

A Facebook page for the business that has over 85,000 followers was still active and posting as of June 2023. While the page hasn't posted recently, it does feature the suspected website that the BBB is warning of.

The BBB source tells the Thread that this isn't the first go around for this group of scammers. They were reported to the FBI because at least six other former Alabama businesses have been allegedly impersonated in attempts to scam contractors in the last year.

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