Mayor Walt Maddox provided new information on his Sunday night car accident.

The Tuscaloosa politician spoke this Wednesday with the Steve & DC morning show on 95.3 The Bear. He recounted the story in detail.

"I went to the office Sunday evening to drop off some paperwork," the Mayor explained, "then headed back home, going eastbound on Jack Warner Parkway."

As the mayor neared Manderson Landing he noticed a car in the left turn lane. "At the last second, they tried to right back onto Hackberry...I was able to swerve a little bit, but ran right into their tire wheel."

The wreck happened immediately after.

"I think it temporarily knocked me out," said Maddox. "When I came to, this lady had got into the passenger seat and was holding my hand." Maddox didn't know the woman, but listened when she told him not to move. Another woman who came up on the driver's side told the mayor the same thing, saying that help was on the way.

"These are two people I don't know, who just out of nowhere came to help me," said Maddox. "It just really touched my soul that we have that kind of people here in Tuscaloosa."

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The mayor said DCH confirmed he had experienced a concussion. "Either my head hid the roof of the car, or the airbag just punch-drunk me," he explained.

Besides that he had only minor injuries. "I'm bruised--turning into a purple Teletubbie on my chest and stomach," said the Mayor, "But the airbags and seatbelt did their job." The other party in the accident was fine too, being able to walk away from the scene, Maddox recalled.

As to his condition now, the mayor said he is back at work. "I'm moving a little slow, but I'm feeling even better. I'm ready to tackle day two of being back."

The mayor revealed this is the first car accident he's ever been in. "It's not an experience I'd want, but if I was gonna have it, I would want to have it in Tuscaloosa," he said.

"It reminds me of how fortunate we are to live in this community."

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