The University of Alabama will not tolerate the abuse some fans were caught piling on visitors to Bryant-Denny Stadium Saturday as the Crimson Tide lost its home bout against the Texas Longhorns.

The 10-point home loss was hard for the Alabama faithful to stomach, but some were caught on video hurling homophobic and racist comments at Texas players celebrating the upset.

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Social media has added fuel to the fire, and on Monday morning a spokesperson for the University condemned what happened in no uncertain terms.

"We are disgusted by reports of vile language and inappropriate behavior Saturday night. To be clear, we condemn this behavior, and it will not be tolerated in our venues," said Alex House, UA's Assistant Director of Communications. "It is not representative of UA or our values."

The University went on to ask fans to report any concerning behavior at future athletics events to the security staff working the venue. House said fans caught treating visitors badly may find themselves removed from the Stadium and banned from returning.

"We expect all attendees to act with class and respect toward others. Fans are strongly encouraged to report issues to our security resources on-site," House said. "Gameday and delayed reports are appropriately addressed, and anyone found to be in violation of our rules and expectations is promptly removed and may be banned from future events."

On the birthday of legendary Alabama coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, fans would do well to remember his advice to both win and lose games with humility and avoid getting barred from attending sporting events to come.

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