The former Alabama/Oklahoma quarterback, Jalen Hurts, was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in this years NFL draft. Hurts has had a great transition into the NFL, already having touched the ball a few times.

Many expected Hurts to be on the waiting list for the starting quarterback job in Philadelphia, with starting quarterback, Carson Wentz, running the show. Wentz is a very experienced and all around solid quarterback for the Eagles and he has proven that throughout the years.

Although Hurts is not the starting quarterback, he is contributing to the team's offense in ways that people may not have expected.

In last weeks matchup against the Ravens, Hurts did get some playing time as quarterback for the Eagles; but what was most exciting to watch was him being positioned at slot receiver. You can see him go in motion and fake a pitch in the following video from the game:

Hurts was undoubtedly one of the most athletic players in college football last year, and we are getting to see that on full display as he performs in the NFL. With quarterback being his primary position, it was very interesting to see Hurts contribute to the Eagles offense at a different position.

Head coach of the Eagles, Doug Pederson, mentioned that Hurts would be contributing to the offense before the season started, he could definitely be a big part of the Eagles offense as he begins his promising career in the NFL.

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