It is hard to imagine a rock band that has marketed themselves as successfully and as persistently as Kiss.

As this collection of magazine ads and posters for various albums, singles, home videos and box sets from throughout their four-decade career shows, Kiss have always had a knack for making both strong visual impressions and bold statements: "the loudest band in the world," "accept no imitations."

In the 60-plus images below, you can track the band's meteoric rise to fame, some oddly conceived attempts to stay fit in with current musical trends, re-emergence as a platinum-selling act in the early '80s, and their highly successful mid-'90s reunion with Kiss' original lineup.

We've also included ads for the mid-'00s solo albums by band founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, and one for each of original lead guitarist Ace Frehley's post-Kiss solo efforts.

(Note: We couldn't find any ads for Peter Criss' Out of Control, Let Me Rock You or One for All albums, but we'd love to include them. By all means, send them our way if you have copies.)

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