Umm...not sure if you can apologize enough for this.

According to the Associated Press, an unidentified man was watching his parents house while they were out. While he was watching the house, he noticed black widow spiders in the home. Understandably, the man was worried and scared. "How do I get rid of the spiders?" he probably wondered. What he thought to use is something that not many people use in regular days.

As it turns out, instead of trying to lead the spiders to a window to get them out of the house, or finding out another way to get rid the insects, an unconventional way was chose. The man grabbed a blowtorch and proceeded to try and burn the spiders! Obviously, this wasn't the best of ideas. After using the blowtorch, items caught fire and the man had to get out of the house immediately. The fire department was also called as well to put out the blaze.

Luckily, no one was hurt and the house wasn't completely lost in the blaze. However the man might have a lot of explaining to do to the parents...

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