Whatever your view is on fortune cookies, this is just simply lucky.

If you've never had a one before, a fortune cookie is simple treat given after meals. You break open the cookie, and inside lies a fortune. Whether it be, a prediction, or an inspirational quote to keep you going. There's also a set of number on the back of it. For me personally, I never used these numbers, but I might start after hearing this story out of New Jersey.

With reporting from ABC News, Ronnie Martin walked into a gas station and decided to buy some lottery tickets, as he usually did. Using the numbers he saw on the back on one of the fortunes received, he bought the ticket and went on his way. When he returned the next day to check the tickets, he was informed that he won the 1 million dollar jackpot. Talk about lucky! He and his wife plan to use the money to pay off their mortgage, and then put the remaining money into savings.

Maybe I should start paying attention to back of my fortunes!

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