Chalk this one up as something you shouldn't do during a traffic stop.

The story, coming from The Lawrence-Journal World, reports that early in the morning in Lawrence, Kansas, a man was pulled over. The officers found his driving erratic, and pulled him off the road to see if he was impaired in anyway. Officers suspected he was possibly driving drunk, but they were unsure. The driver, an unnamed 23 year old, pulled over, and then proceeded to get out of his car.

He said he had to go to the bathroom, and it just so happened there was a gas station nearby. He started to walk towards the bathroom, but then he decided to do something rather silly. He began to shout out the police, and then proceeded to drop his pants and moon the cops. Not only once, but twice.

He ended up being cited for indecent exposure, and in my opinion, was just lucky to walk away with that and not get his car taken away for possible drunk driving!

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