Nick Saban? Aubie the Tiger? An Alabama Football player? Governor Kay Ivy? Anything COVID-19 related. No, those are not the popular Halloween costumes in Alabama.

Believe it or not, here are the top costumes, according to Frightgeist in Alabama (at the time of this story).

Star Wars


Elvis Presley


Wednesday Addams

On a national level, Frightgeist lists the top ten Halloween costumes (at the time of this story):



Harley Quinn








Most-Searched Halloween Costumes in Alabama & U.S.

Try the Costume Wizard

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we do things in 2020. Halloween might look different for you this year. If you are still searching for that perfect Halloween costume? Or you don’t want to follow the trends. Google never fails. You can get inspiration with “costume wizard” at Frightgeist. Pretty easy to complete; here are the steps.

Click here then click on “Costume Wizard.”

Select “Spookiness Level” from 0 to 100

Select your “Style” from classic or modern

Choose between national and local with the “Trend Meter”

Pick your “Uniqueness Level” from 0 to 100

Well, let me give it a try! 

So, I decided to give the “costume wizard”, a whirl. I picked the following:

40% “Spookiness Level”

Classic for “Style”

Local for “Trend Meter”

30% for the “Uniqueness Level”

And got … Cookie Monster! I think I would be an adorable cookie monster. Blue is my favorite color.

Elmo & Cookie Monster on Midweek Morning Show at Children's Hospital Boston
Gail Oskin


(Source) For more about Frightgeist from Goggle, click here.

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