With the murder of George Floyd and countless other unarmed black people, I felt it necessary for my son to attend a protest and use his voice for good.

I cannot begin to explain the emotions I felt when I heard about the death of George Floyd. The fact that yet another innocent black man lost his life at the hand of a police officer was devastating. It put me in a weird place because I know one day, I'd have to sit my son down and have that talk with him. The talk about how to act when you encounter the police. How to try your best to look, sound, and appear to be "non-threatening" to an officer no matter how scared for your life you are. Don't make any sudden movements, ask permission before you reach for your license or registration, and don't raise your voice. It's sickening that these are the normal conversations had with black families because we're looked at as a threat to society. No matter how accomplished you are, no matter how innocent you may be. Kids are having guns pulled on them by police as young as 11 years old.

As we're in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was hard for me to allow my wife and newborn child to attend a protest, but this had to be done. We wanted our son to see all of the people fighting for his future. Fighting for years ahead of him so that he won't grow past a certain age and all of a sudden transform from a cute black baby into a "scary black man." My wife actually documented the full experience. For now, I'll let her feelings speak for us both because I can't imagine my sweet, innocent child being racially profiled as I have been in the past.


I can't begin to think that he could have a gun pulled on him and be killed while walking back home from the store. I'm grateful for my son will be able to look back at these moments and see this video. He's really apart of history as we're in the middle of major change in America. I know in my heart that my son Asè will grow up to be a sweet, loving, and passionate man who will make a difference n this world.


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