Hasn't anyone told him that disrespectin' the Tide never ends well?

Roen McCullogh, longsnapper for THE Ohio State University, shared a photo to his Instagram stories revealing his opinion of Alabama's football team.

In the photo, McCullough can be seen on the practice field. He's in his practice gear and embracing a trash can.

"Me and Bama getting to know each other," he captioned the photo.


I suppose McCullough has been imprisoned in some sort of deprivation chamber for the past two weeks, a period of time during which Alabama's 2020 team brought home all the hardware.

Let's examine what this "trash" team has won so far:

  • Heisman Trophy
  • Doak Walker Award
  • Remington Award
  • Davey O'Brien Award
  • Biletnikoff Award
  • Outalnd Trophy
  • Joe Moore Award
  • Johnny Unitas Award
  • Broyles Award
  • Southeastern Conference Championship

But, yeah, totally a TRASH team. Only TRASH could go UNDEFEATED in SEC only play, right?

McCullough is SO RIGHT. THE Ohio State University is currently 7-0. Alabama has played and won TWELVE games, including their playoff and conference championship, and come on--what a waste. Only TRASH would play a full schedule.


I can't even keep up the facade. I was trying to be sarcastic here, but come on. Alabama kicks ass this year, and THE Ohio State Buckeyes are about to get crushed.

I hope McCullough gets to meet Dylan Moses tonight. I think that will end really well for him. He's already deleted his Insta story, so you know HE knows what's coming for him.


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