Well now, could we be on the way towards foods become a staple of States?

A very interesting bill has been introduced in Oklahoma. Obviously, most bills are are submitted with the intention with fixing or improving towns. Others are put forward to change laws. But this one in Oklahoma is set to introduce a state food.

Specifically, according to ABC 57, Senator Casey Murdock wants the rib-eye steak to be the state steak for Oklahoma. But why rib-eye steak? And more importantly, why food? According to the Senator, it's because Oklahoma has recently had a bit of bad news in various things, such as education. The Senator says that good news will help the entire state in these areas. But of course with any possible bill passing, people aren't so sure about it. The population believes that focus should be on the problem areas, and not food.

This makes me think, can we introduce a bill into the Alabama Government that makes anything Dreamland makes the official state food? I mean, come it'd be perfect!

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