I know, you are thinking "only in alabama".

It crossed my mind as well, but, it's a fact. A family in Alabama came outside only to find a hog going for a swim in their pool.

I know we have feral hogs in Alabama, but this looks much bigger to me.

What do y'all think?

First, I sure have heard more this year about alligators swimming in pools. I believe most of those have been in Florida.

Here's a few of the best caught on tape.

*Video from Top 5 Best/YouTube

Now, we have a whole dang hog jumping in a pool here in Alabama and going for a swim.

*From WVTM 13/Facebook

I love the warning from Tammy Stone, you better claim it or it's going on our grill.

That's pretty funny.

Here's a look at 15 times that wild animals invaded swimming pools!

*Video from Trendjoint/Facebook

It's hot during the summer months, can you blame them for needing to cool off?

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