Possibility Of Severe Storms Today

Today, (Wednesday, April 29, 2020), The National Weather Service has our listening areas are in the marginal risk area for severe storms possible with the threat of damaging winds up to 60 mph.  According to the National Weather Service, “there is a small chance for severe storms from 11 am and 7 pm across most of Central Alabama.”  The overnight hours have demonstrated that the storms have weakened.  There is a low chance for tornadoes today, but please always be weather aware as we are still in spring severe weather season.  We should expect rain amounts today close to one inch as the showers start in the early morning, transition into showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon, with wind gusts as high as 25 mph.  The high for today will be around 74 and a low near 51.  Be sure to take your umbrella wherever you go today.

(Source) for more from the National Weather Service, click here. 

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