Prince’s music is not the only thing his estate will be releasing in the near. Apparently, the late music icon has left behind a slew of written material as well.

According to TMZ, Paisley Park Enterprises, the merchandising arm of Prince's estate, has filed documents to have the Purple One’s printed content produced for public consumption. Among his literary works being developed include a collector’s books of his handwritten lyrics as well as poetry. There’s also previously unreleased photos and personal journals.

This is good news for Prince fans who are eager to read some of the singer-guitarist’s printed product as it relates to his music.

On Saturday (April 21), which marked the 2nd anniversary of Prince's untimely death, fans remembered the musician’s life and music with tributes on social media.

Last week, Minnesota prosecutor Mark Metz announced that no criminal charges would be filed in relation to the death of Prince, who died from a fatal "self-administered" dose of fentanyl, a powerful painkiller, in April 2016.

Metz closed the case and said there was no evidence that Prince or his associates knew that he was taking deadly drugs which contained fentanyl.

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