Restoration Prison Ministries, Inc. will host a community symposium Saturday to address issues in the Tuscaloosa community that lead to citizens becoming incarcerated.

The theme for the symposium is "Tuscaloosa United 4-Life 'Working Better Together.'"

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According to a press release, the organization's mission is to "help the formerly incarcerated transition back into the community, unite back with their families, and return to activities of daily living."

The nonprofit is switching gears, though, to focus on conditions in the community including gun violence, the possession, use and sale of drugs and other crimes common among the area's young people, all of which can lead to incarceration.

The symposium seeks to bring together organizations and ministries and brainstorm and collaborate on strategies to tackle the problems.

"There are numerous ministries and programs working to make Tuscaloosa a better place to live, work, and worship," a Ministry spokesperson said in the release. "However, we believe that there is strength in numbers and the more we come together, the stronger we become."

The symposium will be held in the Stinson Building on the campus of Stillman College from 8:30 a.m. until noon.

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