They're at our offices and we see them all over town, workers taking a smoke break.  Sometimes it seems they are taking an awful lot of breaks, but are they?

According to a new survey, some non-smokers think they should get extra vacation days each year to compensate for the time smokers take off during the day for their smoke breaks. More than 38% of smokers, on the other hand, didn’t think that non-smokers deserve any extra vacation days and 20% of non-smokers agreed they did not deserve extra vacation time.

The CDC says about 15% of U.S. adults 18 or older smoke cigarettes,down from 25% in 1997 and 45% in 1965.

So, what would it take to get smokers to give up the habit at work? According to the survey, smokers said on average that they’d give up the habit at work for 11 extra vacation days each year.

Seems like the one thing we can all agree on, we'd like more time off.

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