The Druid City has plenty to offer shoppers, but there's one particular retailer we're missing: Whole Foods.

Why doesn't Tuscaloosa have a Whole Foods? I think this grocery store would be a perfect fit for T-Town.

One: you can't tell me that we don't have enough people to support a Whole Foods. Have you driven north of the river? Those bougie 34506 moms would be all UP in Whole Foods (myself included, although I am a lowly 35401). Rich college kids with dad's credit card? You know they're hitting up Whole Foods.

Two: Amazon Prime members get a discount. Literally everyone I know has an Amazon Prime account, so saving at Whole Foods would be awesome--and mean more shoppers to support the store.

Three: Whole Foods is awesome. I don't always shop organic, but knowing I have the option is nice--but that's not why I stan the store. The variety at Whole Foods is just... *chef's kiss*

NO ONE has a selection like Whole Foods. You can get lost in the cheese department alone. Fresh seafood? Premium meats? They've got it.

And their bakery and deli? OH MY SWEET LORD.

I drive to Birmingham on the regular just to hit up Whole Foods. I am like Agustus Gloop the second I hit the bakery. Caramelitas, Tiramisu, croissants--you name it; it's in my cart.

Whole Foods also has these ready-to-go family meals for like $20. You get a full meal AND a salad for $20. It feeds my broke ass for a WEEK.

Oh, and the Whole Foods in Birmingham even has its own RAMEN SHOP.

I think it's time Tuscaloosa had a Whole Foods--even if it means I am going to gain 100 pounds.

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