I am jealous.

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That's probably not a good thing as a Christian. I mean nothing by it.

Why do so many people get these direct messages or conversations with the Creator, God, and others do not?

In this case, a prominent business owner with a large footprint in Alabama, has had a direct message from God delivered to him.

The business?

Hobby Lobby.

The owner, David Green, with 10 locations in Alabama, got a message from God telling him to give away his stores.

It also is a bit of a snub to his children and grandchildren, as many people advised him to leave the Hobby Lobby stores to his family, according to Green.

He said those people were lawyers and other advisers that gave him advice on who to leave the company to.

The owner made a point to mention the fact that Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays and they never stay open later than 8pm.

Well, I seem to see Chick-Fil-A doing the same thing every week. They have many similar policies based on the owners beliefs yet they aren't giving the company away anytime soon.

This started as a blog that Mr. Green wrote for the Fox News website recently.

My next question is, who did God tell you to give it to?

It was me wasn't it?

OK, whatever, no word yet on who gets the million-dollar company. I don't know, it just seems strange on the surface. I need more details and answers to my hundreds of questions.

How does God send you messages? That is my next question.


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