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The Crimson Tide playing against the Vols is a huge tradition on the third Saturday of October every year.  The good thing about this rivalry is that Alabama always comes out on top, defeating Tennessee every year since 2006.

When the game is played at home in Bryant Denny Stadium it is indeed an event to look forward to, but don't forget to bring your cigar!  I think this rivalry is always a fun one and I don't have any doubts that we will win.

With that being said, I think Alabama has way bigger rivals in the SEC and outside of it.  Auburn vs Alabama in the Iron Bowl is probably ranked number one for me in the SEC.  It's always exciting to go to a game where you don't know what's going to happen, whereas going to a game where the opponent hasn't won in 14 years is not as crazy.  Auburn defeated Alabama last year 48-45, only a three point win.

Two other huge SEC rivals in my eyes are LSU and Georgia.  Alabama was taken down by LSU in 2019 at Bryant Denny Stadium giving LSU a 46-41 victory.  LSU went on to win the national championship against Clemson, being the only undefeated team all season going 15-0.

Georgia has always been high on my list of rivals.  The Tide beat the Bulldogs 41-24 on Oct. 17 at Bryant-Denny Stadium.  Georgia always holds up a fight in the first half, but Alabama isn't afraid to put the Dawgs in their place.  Alabama gained a victory against Georgia in the 2018 National Championship when Tua Tagovailoa threw a 41-yd TD pass to Devonta Smith, giving them the 26-23 win at the last second.

Outside of the SEC, I believe Clemson is the Tide's biggest rival.  Clemson defeated Alabama 35-31 in the 2017 National Championship leaving me, a senior in high school at the time, devastated.  In 2018 Alabama defeated Clemson in the Sugar Bowl 24-6, leading the Crimson Tide to eventually win the national championship against Georgia.  Clemson, again, defeated Alabama in the 2019 national championship 44-16, capturing their second national title in a span of three years.

So, where does Tennessee fall into all of this? Here are my top 5 rankings:

1.) Alabama vs Clemson

The best rivalry because they are truly the two best college football teams out there.  You never know what's going to happen when the players step out onto that field.

2.) Alabama vs Auburn

The Iron Bowl is the best game to look forward to all season.  I attended the Iron Bowl in 2018 and it was one of the best nights of my college career. Alabama took the 52-21 win over Auburn. In my time at UA, Alabama lost the Iron Bowl both times they played at Auburn's home field.  Unfortunately Auburn had the home team advantage both my freshman and junior year, but I have faith we will no doubt defeat Auburn this year at home.

3.) Alabama vs. Georgia

It's always a blast watching these two teams battle each other.  Whether it be in the normal season, the SEC Championship or the National Championship, both schools love watching the battle.  Georgia gives the Tide what they got and we have had some close calls in the past, but ultimately the Tide stays on top.  The last time Georgia beat Alabama was 2007 during Nick Saban's first year as coach.

4.) Alabama vs. LSU

I love this rivalry because LSU is my second favorite team in the SEC.  I travel between all the close schools, but I especially love going to Baton Rouge to see these teams play. The 2019 season for LSU was the best they have had in years, all thanks to the king Joe Burrow.  Although they defeated Alabama in 2019 by five points, Alabama will definitely beat this team on Nov. 14 in Baton Rouge.

5.) Alabama vs. Tennessee

Last, but certainly not least we have Alabama vs Tennessee.  This rivalry falls at 5 for me because I love tradition.  The game may not be as exciting because the Tide normally wins, but it's a great atmosphere and everyone gets to light their cigars in the stadium once it's over!

Auburn, LSU and Tennessee too are apart of Dixieland Delight and the better teams in the SEC.  I chose those three teams because they are the games most people want to attend and end up being the most exciting.

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