I’ve been venting to family and friends about the recent hike in my rent. They ignore me and tell me that I'm not the only one feeling the burn of the increase.

A good friend in Florida told me that their rent increase went from $1,500 to $2,200. [Insert screams]

In a lengthy discussion with my Uncle, we reviewed the pros and cons of buying a home or just sucking up the rent increase. The crazy part is that even if I move to another apartment, in doing the math of expenses like deposits, moving materials, moving company, and new rent price, it would only be $50 less per month. Plus no walk-in shower, and you know how I love my walk-in showers.

For me, it is not worth moving into another apartment. Too much hassle.

Andrii Yalanskyi
Andrii Yalanskyi
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For me, rent is incredibly too high for Tuscaloosa. This is in no way any form of disrespect to Tuscaloosa at all. Just the fact of the price of rentals being outrageous right now.

Let’s take a moment to compare two similar college towns. First up is Tuscaloosa, Alabama which is home to the University of Alabama then there is Athens, Georgia home to the University of Georgia.

Now, what about the population of each town?

According to the World Population Review, “Athens, Georgia “Population 2022 is 130,081” while “Tuscaloosa, Alabama Population 2022 is 103,946.

Let's dive into the difference in rental rates. Also, please remember that prices on apartments can change on the daily.

Tuscaloosa 3 Bedroom Apartments

According to Apartment Finder, for 3 bedroom apartments, those rates ranged from “$1,300, $1,600 to over 2k.” Even the apartments for just college students where you pay by the room, still end up being in this price range.

Athens 3 Bedroom Apartments

Not knowing what to expect, the 3 bedroom apartments in Athens ranged from the "mid $500 to around $1,400” from what I saw on Apartment Finder.

Tuscaloosa 2 Bedroom Apartments

I headed over to Apartment Finder to see the cost ranged from “$600, $800, $1,400 and even up to $1,800.”

Athens 2 Bedroom Apartments

The range of apartment prices on Apartment Finder range from the “low $400 to the high $900.”

So, Athens is bigger than Tuscaloosa but rental prices are much higher in Tuscaloosa. How? Why? Let me know what you think. Please send me a message on our app.

(Source) Click here for more about Apartment Finder. Click here for more about the World Population Review.

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