Top Ten Best Things About Being A Kid, What We Can Learn From It

Children always have an interesting perspective on life, and I believe we can learn from them.  Let’s face it, 2020 has been a pretty tough year in so many aspects.  Sometimes I find myself scrolling on Instagram and always looking for babies and puppies.  They make life better.   Mirror interviewed the head of Busy Bees Childcare, Deanna Billings, and she commented that “It was a joy to research the best things about being a child.”  The study showed the forty best things about being a child.  Also, the survey was conducted with one thousand kids under the age of 11.   Here is the top ten:

  1. Christmas presents.
  1. Having parents to love and take care of you.
  1. The excitement during the lead-up to Christmas.
  1. Summer vacation, and all the other holidays you have off.
  1. Birthdays.
  1. You get to be outside a lot.
  1. Having a lot of friends.
  1. Building forts, and make believe in general.
  1. Jumping in puddles.
  1. Quote, “Everything is fun.”

What can we learn from the top ten? So much!  The most important lesson we can learn is from number ten, “Everything is fun.”  I learned from my father that life is to be lived.  You should always try your best to have fun.  I encourage you today to find the “fun” in your daily routine.  Find the “fun” in life, with your family, friends, employment, and in the middle of this chaos of 2020.  If that means waking up 30 minutes early and watching cartoons, do it.  If that is splurging on an expensive perfume, do it.  Do what makes YOU happy.  Simply, enjoy life.

Another great lesson from the top ten is to enjoy “summer vacation, and all the other holidays you have off.”  As an adult, we are often made to feel guilty for taking our PTO (Paid Time Off).  Don’t succumb to that mentality.  I had an ex-boyfriend (this was about all he was good for, but …) he explained to me that if a company did not want you to have PTO, they would not offer it in your benefits package.  That made so much sense.  You need time to unplug and disconnect, so you can have time to recharge.  It was a hard lesson to learn about work and life balance, but it is so important.  Don't let anyone steal that from you.  Trust me, been there done that.  It was a hard lesson to learn.

(Source) To review the entire story from Mirror, click here.

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