With the unfortunate closing of Toys R Us, many stores will simply now become empty buildings, hoping for a new business to move in. But for some, they also see it an opportunity for something entirely different.

Across the pond in London, somebody had the idea to use the building for other than shopping, and held a massive dance party that people could attend. Certainly a different idea from what the building was originally used for, but the idea gained traction and eventually the event occurred.

There was only major issue with this musical celebration of sorts...it was illegal.

Yup, having a rave in an abandoned building is not the best idea, and when the police were eventually called and showed up, arrests were made, and the sound system they had was also taken.

So long story short, the party was quickly ended and people in attendance were sent home. It isn't a very smart idea to hold a party in an abandoned building that might not be up to code, especially if it is an illegal one.

Also, don't get the bright idea to do this here in Tuscaloosa, because yes, our friends from London have alerted American Police to watch out for parties, such as these, happening in empty buildings!

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