Wednesday, the Tuscaloosa County School System Child Nutrition Program revealed they are feeling the effects of a national issue. The Child Nutrition Program is experiencing the results of food shortages.

Many Tuscaloosa County parents depend on CNP for meals for their kids while they're at school.

"Our team is finally starting to feel the effects of the food shortage that so many other CNP teams have already been dealing with across the nation," the TCSS Child Nutrition Program announced in a Facebook post.

The post went on to address the potential worries of concerned parents across the county.

"First off, please know that ALL children will be taken care of. We will move any mountain we must move in order to ensure this happens," the post read. "No child will go hungry or without in any of our schools."

After the message was posted on Facebook, Director of Child Nutrition Donette Worthy addressed concerns over the food shortage. Worthy explained that they do have food on hand to feed students, but more and more products they're ordering are becoming harder to get their hands on.

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In a Facebook Live video, Worthy told viewers not to panic, they have food in house and every child will eat. The food served just may not be what's on the menu due to difficulty receiving orders from distributors.

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