As we all know, it's the most wonderful time of the year. People are generally in a more giving mood. Light displays are all over the place.

And of course, the holidays bring their own flavor to every city in Alabama. Of course, we're talking about the city of champions known as Tuscaloosa today, but what's brought about the holiday spirit?

Well, Gallettes of course! The famous Tuscaloosa establishment has a long history of releasing themed cups for any occasion. And yes this year brings another cup with holidays wishes:

This cup really does bring the Christmas cheer I mean my goodness. Is it just me or does the red and green work so well together?

I mean know red and green complement each other, and that's about all I know artistically, but this cup just works in so many ways.

If anybody knows who designs these cups, how much are they paid? Honestly, whatever they are getting in terms of salary, it's not enough.

I think it'd be pretty cool if we could design some Gallettes cups with our station logos too. I think it'd be a wonderful collaboration. Who do get in touch with to make this happen is the question that I must ask now.

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Thank goodness they let us keep the cups. I need to grab one of these before they disappear too. Otherwise, I'll just have to stare at the picture of them and think of what could've been.

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