Everyone knows that University Mall has a pretty large footprint in the Druid City, but a new map reveals just how massive the property is.

The map below was shared to Twitter this morning, and it is BLOWING. MY. MIND.

Both aerial views of Tuscaloosa are shown at the same scale, and seeing these photos side by side really puts things into perspective.

I had no idea how large the actual mall is and needed a map like this to visualize its true size. It's one thing to walk from JCPenney to Belk, but it's another thing to realize that same walk would cover several blocks downtown.

And check out the expanse of the mall parking lot. I wonder how many cars the lot could actually hold--and I also have one more thought...

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What happens to all of this space if University Mall sees the same fate as McFarland Mall? Most indoor malls have been struggling in recent years as shoppers transition to getting their bargains online, and I am curious as to how this massive plot of land would be used should the mall continue to decline.

How do you feel after seeing these pics side-by-side? Are you concerned about the future of University Mall? Share your thoughts with us using our app chat now.

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