The 2022 -2023 college football season is officially underway and Bama fans are hopeful that the Tide will be able to add another national championship win to their resume.


In the 2021 season, things didn't end as well as Bama fans would've hoped.

After defeating the Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC championship game the Tide lost against Georgia in the 2021 college football National Championship game.

It feels like Georgia fans are holding on to the moment just a little more than usual if you ask me.

I came across a picture of a Georgia Bulldog-themed National Championship Coca-Cola bottle said to be sold in stores across the United States.

Donterrious Dillard
Donterrious Dillard

One of my college buddies who's a huge Georgia fan found the bottles and sent me a picture of them.

"Seeing that Coke bottle in honor of the Dawgs was an amazing feeling," he told me.

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"I've been a fan of UGA for a long time. They were the first game I attended as a kid, and my first jersey was that of Hines Ward. So to be able to continue to celebrate a title, with this commemorative Coke bottle, is simply priceless."

My question is, where is the University of Alabama Championship Coca-Cola bottles?

Can we even get a championship-themed cereal box?

Does that already exist?

Maybe I'm just a little salty because I came across this and I really wanted Alabama to win their championship game back in 2021.

I guess I can be a good sportsman and say congratulations to Georgia. Georgia fans looking for this commemorative bottle can find them in Walmart, Publix, and other large chain stores.

As for the 2022 title, we'll see who reigns supreme soon.

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