High school is where a lot of life's greatest moments happen. These Louisiana high school students will definitely remember this dance forever.

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While scrolling on Facebook, I came across a video of a bunch of high school students dancing. The videos looked so elegant with all the students in their ball gowns and tuxedos. It seemed as if it was some sort of debutant. The only thing was the dancing was unlike anything I'd ever seen. It was something called "Trap Waltz"

I've never heard of this dance genre before but I was intrigued. After watching the first video, I was automatically hooked and wanted to see more. As the caption says, it was a beautiful mixture of classy and ratchet. Trap Waltz for the win!

I had to know more about these students. What school were they from? What was the occasion? How long did it take them to learn this Trap Waltz because they killed it!

Tik Tok ended up being my best friend. I found one of the participants in the video on Tik Tok and he uploaded a few videos of the performance himself.

A Tik Tok user by the name of Jay McDaniel. One of his Trap Waltz videos has over 10 thousand views.

It turns out the school is Richwood High School in Monroe, Louisiana. According to McDaniel's comment under his video on Tik Tok, the event honored Richwood High School's  Homecoming Court and  Cypress Washington who is Miss. Richwood.

Have you ever done anything this cool in high school? Could you see a high school in West Alabama doing this?

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