I have SO much to say about these little pieces of pure evil ...

Photo by Chetra Khieu at unsplash.com
Photo by Chetra Khieu at unsplash.com

I’m gonna try to behave but I’m really ticked off. I truly believe that these fire ants are soldiers for the Devil. And let me tell you they are completing their assignment something fierce.

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Tuesday after Labor Day, I woke up in a great mood. I got lots of rest and enjoy my long holiday weekend. I even told my cousin while driving to work, that I was claiming a great week.

I was complete FOOL!

According to Massey, fire ants “tend to be especially active during the summer months and early fall. However, there are instances when they can be active year-round.”

How it All Went Down

Our back parking lot is park concrete and part gravel. This particular day it was packed at work. So I parked on the gravel. I normally don’t park there but I have in the past. I’m pretty bougie like that.

I got out of my car, and a co-worker came to help me get my case of water out of the back of my car. [I don’t drink from community water dispensers, I’ll tell you that story later, but people are GROSS]

So, being helpful and in a good mood, I walked to the back looking at the ground because we have a station pet and he likes to leave “presents” everywhere and his owner I guess doesn’t pick them up. [Another story]


The next thing, I hear, my co-worker, “Mary, there are ants all over your foot.”



Then those little bastards inflected their pain on me. Luckily for me, my co-worker was there and he grabbed a bottle of water. I quickly kicked off my shoes [in the nasty gravel] and started pouring bottles of water over my feet and legs. Then I started using my hands to swipe away the swarm of red ants.

“Usually, a bite begins with an intense pinching or burning pain immediately after the sting. This pain is short-lived, lasting anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. This is followed by an itching or burning sensation that may be minor or extreme.” Said Massey.


Once I got those nasty red ants off me that was all she wrote me for me. I went home and took Benadryl. I didn’t go back to work. I could barely drive, the pain was so bad.

At the last count, I had 56 bites. It's red ant bites, no big deal but maybe I should have gone immediately to see Dr. Permasetty or the ER.

Where are the ant bites?

My feet, ankles, lower leg, back of my leg, hands, and arms!!!!!!!! All visible!

I even had another medical appointment, and I look like something from a horror movie. There was an older couple and they were staring [or so I thought]. Then it hit me, they think I have MONKEYPOX!

And it’s like a week later and there are MORE smaller bites poppin’ up. I thought for sure it would clear up. However, it’s like the longer it goes, the worse it’s getting and the itching is INSANE. Now, I’m on a few meds and an antibiotic ointment.

Listen, I would rather:

Go back to my TOXIC EX

Jump out of a plane

Swim with the sharks

Sleep on the beach with no sunscreen

Sell feet pictures on Only Fans

Before dealing with red ant bites again in my life

Do you understand me? That’s real talk.


Oh, and I have to be in a formal gown this Saturday. So, let’s hope these ant bites clear up.

This was more of a vent. But, seriously, please be careful when outside. If you encounter them, stay calm and try to get them off of you. Pay attention to the ground. I don’t wish this on my worst enemy (and I have a few lol).

Even an Alabama Woman Died in 2016 from Red Ant Bites

(Source) Click here for more information from Massey.

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