I grew up with Long John Silver’s. As a good catholic family, we had fish on Fridays. So that meant a trip to Long John Silver’s for either a sit-down meal or (back in the day they had) a bucket of fish with extra crisps for Mom. Oh, we can’t forget the malt vinegar.

Do you hear my stomach rumbling now?

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Seriously, I don’t remember a time that I haven't been near one until I moved to West Alabama. Funny story, one time I was in Virginia and had to stay for a long weekend and we were headed to a “fancy” meal. I saw a Long John Silver’s and informed everyone about the “change of plans” and pulled over. They were pleased with that decision.

From my understanding that at one time our area had 3 Long John Silver’s locations. Why did they close? I think you have been wondering as well why we don’t have a location here. WE NEED A LONG JOHN SILVER’S! Period!

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