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Richard Hurst, a Mississippi man, was transporting a rattlesnake he found in his driveway. Hurst planned to relocate the snake to a wooded area not near his house. He placed the rattler in the bed of his pick-up truck for the short drive.
Magnolia State Live reports that during the relocation drive, the snake made himself at home on the driver's side door handle.
The rattlesnake was photographed hanging from the truck door. The photo, according to Magnolia Live, caused those viewing to admit to shivers after seeing the picture.
Hurst told Magnolia Live that he should have found a better way to transport the snake than in the bed of his truck.
Image of a Great Basin Rattle Snake, Utah.
There is no news as to how Richard Hurst removed the rattlesnake from the truck door handle.
The takeaway here is when you discover a rattlesnake in your driveway, kill it immediately. Immediately. Do not, under any circumstances, but the rattler in an open truck bed and attempt to drive it anywhere. Even in Mississippi.

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