We are getting closer and closer to Christmas Day and everyone wants to know the answer to this burning question. Will we get a White Christmas?

I will never forget the year 2020 in Alabama. Of course, COVID put a damper on a lot of my plans but I got a chance to see snow TWICE. As a native Floridian, this was a huge deal for me. I finally understood the meaning of Winter Wonderland because I was like a kid in a Christmas movie. It was 2 am and I was running through the parking lot of a hotel enjoying the snow. I even have video footage to prove it!


This year, I’m wondering if we’ll see snow again in Tuscaloosa. Better yet, will we get snow on Christmas day?

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, their Long Range Weather Forecast for the Deep South says we can expect to see rain and possibly snow from Dec. 22nd -Dec 26th. Usually I don’t particularly trust these kinds of things but the most recent forecast called for rain, then sunny, then cold conditions and that’s exactly what we are experiencing right now in Tuscaloosa.

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ABC 33/40 Meteorologist  James Spann recently posted on his Facebook page about the possibility of an Alabama White Christmas saying, “The climatological odds of snow on the ground Christmas morning in Alabama are under one percent, and the pattern this year favors above-average temperatures across the Southeast U.S.“


I’m still holding on to hype that it could happen. Technically, James Spann said there is a small chance. That’s all I need to believe! Lol!


Do you think any in Alabama will see a White Christmas?

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