If you've driven down Skyland Boulevard by the I-59/20 interchange lately, maybe you've noticed construction crews breaking ground on the property right next to Wilson Texaco. And if you're like me, possibly you've asked yourself the following questions:

"What are they building here?" 

"Could it be a hotel?"

"Could it be another car lot?"  After all, Skyland Boulevard is THE home to most of Tuscaloosa's car dealerships.

"Could it be another apartment complex?" Lord knows we don't have enough of those already...

Since curiosity got the best of me, I decided to do a little investigating. Therefore, I consulted my network of sources, who I call my "Greek Grapevine", and got my answer.

What is being built next to Wilson Texaco is....(drum roll, please)...


And I am excited! Because I live on this side of town, and we could surely use a JACK'S over here!

Therefore, to all my fellow East-Side Tuscaloosa Peeps, REJOICE!  Because a new JACK'S is coming to our neighborhood SOON!



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